Surprise Engagement!

Being a wedding photographer, you get to be a part of something special – a once in a lifetime event. The opportunity to capture a couple’s special day is the reason we got into the wedding photography business.

And while engagement sessions are a common part of what we do, very rarely do we have an opportunity to be a part of the first step – the proposal itself.

So when I was approached by John Michael Moore to be there when he popped the question – well, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

We had a few discussions beforehand to figure out how he wanted to set it up. We met the night before to scout the location and figure out the exact plan for the next evening. He decided on proposing at a fountain. He was definitely nervous, but I was excited for him, especially since I proposed to my wife at a fountain in Lincoln, Neb., 20 years ago.

I remember the jitters I had. Not of course about the love I had for her, but more so, would she say yes? Thank God she did!

John Michael and his girlfriend Chelsey are involved in 918 Rocks and his plan centered on that. 918 Rocks is a group focused on creating art and encouraging creativity and activity by painting rocks to hide around 918 (our area code) or wherever people travel. They do this to brighten someone’s day, send a needed message, or just to spread joy. The goal is to encourage art and community.

So John Michael painted a rock which said ‘Will you marry me?’ on one side, and the other side said ‘I love you Chelsey.’ Our plan was to have the rock sitting on the edge of the fountain. I would be casually taking photos of the area, and he and Chelsey would pull up to scope out the rock.

Like all plans, it doesn’t necessarily go the way one thinks it should. While the goal was to capture the moment with the fountain in the background, we had to improvise a bit as she could read the rock before getting completely up to it.

So he popped the question on the walkway leading up to the fountain and I snapped away, feeling a bit like paparazzi, but feeling blessed to be a part of this wonderful time in their lives.

And, of course she said, yes!

Congratulations to John Michael and Chelsey! We wish you the best.

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